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Zilion was incorporated in Singapore on December 12, 2015. Our vision is to join in the quantum growth of supply of fishery products in Indonesia, and build a global and sustainable fishery product export business for the North American market.


The Blue Revolution has taken place over the Green Revolution. In 2014, the amount of fishery produced from the sea exceeded the amount of red meat produced from land. The aquaculture industry has been experiencing compound growth of 30 folds in just two decades, and the aquaculture business will continue to grow exponentially in the years to come.

Indonesia is the perfect location for rapid fish production. A tropical country with the longest coastal line in the world, Indonesia has no typhoon disasters and a seawater which maintains year round temperature is around 23-27 degree Celsius.

Zilion has formed global strategic partnerships with technologies mainly from Taiwan and Japan, including:

(1) Taiwanese State Council of Agriculture – the largest fishery breeding technology holder in the world, the Taiwanese Fishery Research Institute and The Fishery Breeding Association, which are the largest fishery breeding technology licensors in the world,

(2) Innovative liquid freezing technology commercial grade equipment,

(3) Japanese trained fishery processor who has been selling processed products to clients such as Singapore Airlines, the largest Japanese fishery group, a leading Japanese fishery group, as well as the ninth largest US importer Beaver Street Fisheries.

(4) World-class aquaculture business in Indonesia with 20 world recognized certifications from PT Lucky.

We will secure major importers in North America, and build a successful global integration with sustainability.

NOTE: All statements made are backed by solid research articles, which will be released after execution of NDA.